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Aug 26, 2022
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hi Everyone , i'm an internationally trained dentist who wants to practice dentistry in Canada ,
i'm aware of the equivalency process in order to be a practicing dentist in Canada, doing the AFK exam and either applying for 2 Year-dental Program or taking the exams.
the Problem here is that my GPA isn't that high
so my question here
will my GPA make a problem if i'm applying into dental schools ?
and if yes , am i allowed to take the DAT and apply for the 4 year-dental program ?

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i would say it doesnt hurt to apply to dental schools to find out, but generally what they do is they will look at your AFK score to determine where you rank since there is a lot of variability in the meaning of various gpas across the world (some schools being much easier than others).
Applying to the four year dental program will be significantly harder since the GPAs are the primary means to rank applicants. If your gpa is low it will be extremely hard to get into a four year program in canada...