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Mar 29, 2001
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We have only 2 more days left before wasting our $15. However, I am not too sure if the scores will be available on June 7th. Based on my horrible experiences with AMCAS last year, I cannot overlook the possibility of delayed score release date.
This is the direct quote from MCAT website.

"Coming Soon... April 2002 MCAT Online Score Reports available on or about June 7."

Yeah... ABOUT June 7th...
I am afraid they are going to charge my credit card multiple times.
Maybe June 7th is the day our credit cards will be charged and the actual scores won't be available until the end of june or something like that.

Sorry for being too pessimistic.
However, those people who applied last year would understand what I mean.


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May 4, 2002
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I'm pretty sure the way it works is you get to see your MCAT scores as soon as your credit card goes through.
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