Away Rotations

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Dec 10, 2006
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Hey all,

Just wondering how late is too late to do an away rotation? I know interview invitations are sent out around September through November, but would it be worth to schedule away rotations during that period? Is it best to rotate at programs where you want to match around interview season or really early in 4th year (June-August)? Thanks again for all your help!


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Mar 26, 2008
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Well, away rotations after Match Day may be too late…

I don’t think it matters much. Earlier is probably better, if for no other reason but to make sure your rehab LORs are in order, but I’m not sure if doing an away rotation later on (right before interview season) is significantly worse. If you are interested in and rotating through a particular program during October-November, you will be fresh in that program’s mind as they sort through applications, and will likely be granted an interview based on your stellar performance. Although, you’ll probably land a courtesy interview anyway even if you are bad. You may be able to score an off-schedule interview, especially if you are travelling from a distance. If you do an away rotation early on, and remain interested in the program, you should keep in contact with that program.

You will however want to avoid doing away rotations during interview season (December-January). You may have trouble scheduling other interviews during that time. A program may think it strange that you are doing a rotation there, but interviewing elsewhere. You don’t want to miss too many days during an “audition rotation”.