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Sep 19, 2001
Well, the Phoenix metro are is one of the WORST areas in the country for car insurance. I have a friend back in LV who works for Allstate and he said that "if you have a decent car...they just assume it is going to get stolen, broken into, or you WILL be hit by someone without insurance." My rates went up a lot from opposed to NV. However, give Progresive a call. They gave a pretty good deal to my fiancee when we bought a new car this winter.
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Dec 16, 2002
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So true...perhaps a "pseudo suburb." Although, in college there was this class called, "the Chicago suburbs" and they did indeed talk about my hometown.

Nonetheless, I don't get the big hype about those "movin' machines" anyway. I am sure it?s just a fad, they will never last, the horse is so much more reliable.
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