[B]Pharmacy Interview Coaching in San Diego, CA![/B]

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Mar 31, 2009
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Pharmacy Interview Coaching in San Diego, CA!

Congratulations on getting an interview this early in the game! Are you super nervous or anxious? Do you want to improve your interviewing skills to increase change of getting into pharm school? I can help provide you with an insiders perspective on the interviewing process and help you improve your skills..

I'm a 3rd year at pharmacy student that is moonlighting as a pharmacy school interview coach. I have been on both sides of the interviewing table. The nervous pre-pharm candidate and also on the interviewing side at my school.

By no means do I guarantee admission, but I have worked closely with several students who have garnered admissions to several schools last year.

Coaching session (90 minutes include)
1) In person mock interview (San Diego only, otherwise, skype): scenario, personality, pharmacy related issues
2) Personalized analysis on how to display your achievements. I will review your personal statement and CV first and show you of how to display your achievements without "bragging"
3) Tips for the day of: dress, what information to review
4) Boost your confidence and body language for the day of.

You have worked so hard to get here thus far. So let me help you get to where you want to be. Message me if you're interested in these or other application boosting services.

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