Bad Bad GPA

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Dec 8, 2001
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The most important thing that I learned from my first semester of college is that I can't work full time and get good grades. It just didn't happen. The free moments I did have to study I was too tired too. Now I feel soooo stupid. I knew I was wearing myself out and I knew I wasn't studying enough. I'm gonna cut back next semster. Although I'll have to pull a 4.0. Do you think that getting a D+ in a Biology class is something you'd want to take over for a better score or just go on and forget about it? I don't know. And by Bad Bad GPA I'm talking just under a 2.0. URGHHH! I wish I could re-do this whole semester!

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sup, i'd retake the bio. otherwise you're saying you can't do better EVEN WITHOUT THE WORK. why not just drop the stupid job, before you really screw yourself up? if i were you, i'd just take loans out for whatever I need, or make sure you can handle working about 20 hrs/wk WHILE studying enough to get a 4.0. in order to get the 4.0 that you so desperately need, you might have to study over 40 hrs/wk. you're gonna have to change your life, though. do you agree? i hope so, because if you end up shooting yourself in the foot come application time, you're gonna regret not having taken DRAAAASTIC MEASURES to get out of this hole you're in. i hope my advice changes your life...if not, then damn you for making me care and wasting my time. :)
Well, since I haven't gotten in anywhere, I may not be the best one to give advice, but your first term of college won't determine much about your future... It's all the terms after it that matter. I would definitely retake the D+ biology class. Other than that, since you seem to know why you did poorly, just make an effort to improve from here on out. I graduated with a 3.49 overall GPA, but only had a 2.9 GPA after
my freshman year and a 3.0 at the end of my sophomore year. I know of many others who failed classes their first term, and then did much better in later terms.
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You're right that you need to do much better, and cutting back on work (maybe a lot, at least at first) is a good first step. I guess retaking the D+ Bio course is also a good idea, as many schools require grades better than that for pre reqs. The GOOD news is that this is only your first semester!!! You have plenty of time to dig yourself out of this little hole. If you improve from here on out, the Adcoms WILL NOT CARE A WIT that you had a bad first semester, so don't worry about it--just concentrate on doing better from now on. Good Luck!
Racergirl is completely right...the fact that you have realized that you messed up and want to do better....if you do well from now on they will not care. I can say from experience though I haven't gotten in anywhere yet I've had 3 interviews so far... I had a 1.5 after my first semester at college. But I had to work my ass off for the rest of college. One suggestion if you still want to work a little....try working just on the weekends like fri night and saturday...I did it the past 3's nice cuz you get some money but it doesn't interfere with your school work as much and you don't ever have to worry about choosing between going to work or studying for an exam, ect. Just a suggestion. Whatever happens just set your goal and go for still can. And probably you should retake bio......but better to check with the premed advisor at your school cuz they would know best. Good luck!
I thought you needed at least a C in a course to get into med school (or some anyway). Is that wrong?
KYGRL, I think you are right. You need a C in all the courses required for med school to get in. Plus, I am sure if one of those classes is for your major I know you need at least a C.
Yep that's right you need something in the C range for it to be considered by med schools.
Just to add to the success stories after a less than stellar freshman year,

Had a 2.9 after freshman year, now 2nd semester junior with a 3.7. It can be done, but you have to get high grades in all your classes. It also looks good if you say D+ bio, but ace cell. molec. bio, or Genetics, or some other higher level bio course. My point being, adcoms will look to see if you do well in a higher level class pertaining to the same material you flunked.

For me, i did poorly in 2nd semester inorganic chemistry (C-), but i aced both semesters of organic.
Should I retake the Bio class now or wait and do it in the summer and just go on with the next class?

P.S: Thanks for making me feel a little better. I'm already making plans to get more study time. It's a necessity for me to reasons but I've talked with them and they all say I should cut down majorly. I was scared they wouldn't understand.
I would not move onto the next semester of bio without having mastered the first semester. Go ahead and retake the first semester now then maybe take bioII in the summer.
I agree with reesie. You'll feel better about it, afterward. Just be sure to kick the crap out of it next term!! :)