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May 17, 2009
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Regardless of the courses, I have 3 D's and a lot of C's in my transcript so far. and I am a sophomore just got out of finals.
The thing is I was slacking off too much and did not see my self being anything. But now I am clear that I want to be a doctor. However, when I realized that and start going over transcript, it was a total disaster. I have 3 D's 3C's 1C- 3C+'s......
I know it is horrible even to dare dreaming of med school. So I am starting to retake courses.
Will having bad GPA and D's in past prevent me from getting into med school even if my GPA starts to increase?

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It would help to know your current GPA, otherwise I can't comment on your chance at an MD medical school..

Your best bet now is to repeat any prerequisites with a C or lower, and all Ds. Plan to apply to DO med schools, as their application service will replace retaken grades and count only the newer grade in figuring your application GPA (whereas the MD application service will average them in). Early poor grades will not keep you out of med school, so long as you redeem your record and GPA.

Here is a DO GPA calculator so you can look at various scenarios and decide the most efficient path to repairing your transcript:

If you know nothing about DO (osteopathic) med schools, see SDN's Pre-Osteopathic Forum.
Will having bad GPA and D's in past prevent me from getting into med school even if my GPA starts to increase?

No. If you look at other "What are my chances?" threads on SDN and look at the profiles on the following site:

you'll see that there are a lot of medical students that started out with bad grades during their undergraduate studies; however...

What is your GPA so far?

Did you get C's and D's in the prerequisite courses for medical schools? If so, which ones?

Are you interested in any particular medical school(s)?

In addition, what sort of extracurricular activities have you done so far? (Note: GPA and MCAT scores are NOT the only factors that most medical school considered when deciding on whether or not to admit an applicant).

When the time comes for you to apply, I suggest to apply to a broad range of schools (ex. several in one state and several in another state - not just schools in your home state.) that would accept applicants with GPAs and/or MCAT scores similar to yours.
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My GPA right now is about 2.13.... It is embarrassing...
I got D's in two intro Bio courses and another D in Archaeology to fulfill
humanity requirement.... but did not go too well....
and, C- in Developmental Psychology and calculus II....
So over this summer i am retaking a Bio course, to get a better mark...
I got C+'s in intro chems and orgo..... will it be better to retake chemistries?
With a 2.13 GPA, even if you 4.0 the next two years, your GPA will still be far below average for MD school. I, personally, would stick around another year to try to raise my GPA, if you are not willing to consider DO school. If you are, your best bet would be to retake all classes with Cs and under because they will be replaced by, hopefully, As. Good luck buddy! My GPA is also bad. I am debating between retaking my Cs and one D, or just taking more classes. -_-