Mar 23, 2019

I was wondering if anyone recommends any good Australian banks for foreign students who are studying in Australia. Are there any savings accounts that do not have foreign transaction fees if you deposit over a certain amount, have unlimited electronic transfers, do not have a minimum balance to open that account, and do not charge a monthly account maintenance fee? If not, what banking accounts do you use? Also, when banks say you need to be an "Australian resident" to apply, are they saying you need to be an Australian PR/citizen to apply? Thank you!


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Where are you from?

There are a bunch of credit cards that have no foreign transaction fees. I think banking has come up in some previous threads if you look for it. Any of the Australian banks should do fine, and no, you don't have to be an Australian citizen/PR to apply, I think you might need an Australian address/proof that you're currently residing in Australia.
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