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Jan 1, 2017
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As a second-semester senior, my issue is two-fold:

1. For a "Biology + Lab" requirement:
  • My school only offers a 3-credit full lab course, usually taken sophomore year after the intro bio sequence is taken freshman year (Gen Bio I + II). Essentially a semester-long project. Was wondering whether this would suffice, as my school doesn't explicitly require further lab courses for the Bio major or any related majors, and I didn't take any other lab courses (besides the chem/physics ones).
2. For the English requirement:
  • Took a normal spring semester, 3-credit 2000 level English
  • Took a 3-credit Creative Writing class over the summer
  • AP credit for both Literature/Language
  • And, I have taken multiple courses in philosophy, history, and theology, all of which were heavily based in expository writing
Should I consider taking further courses after graduation?
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