BCOM vs Touro-Montana

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Jan 26, 2023
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Which medical school would you suggest I attend? Each school I believe has their own pros and cons but ultimately I want to go to a school that sets me up for rotations (including away rotations) and allows me the best residency opportunities.

Some notes:
TouroCOM Montana will have its inaugural class and is an additional campus to Touro New York therefore it is accredited and has the same curriculum. My concern is the possible lack of rotations and lack of student body engagement since this will be the first class. My optimism is that being the inaugural class will allow me to have a closer connection with faculty and lead more campus initiatives. Additionally I like the prospect of scholarship opportunities, the non-profit status, and feeling secure within the Touro umbrella.

On the other hand....

BCOM has already had multiple matches and has had matches in regions of great interest to me. This school seems great such as the students, clubs, pass/fail curriculum and region. But I am confused and concerned by the feedback about the schools apparent attrition rate and its for profit status. Should that be taken into consideration?

With all these factors in mind how would you suggest I approach a medical school decision?

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I would almost always go with the more established school than a brand new one
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I would go with Montana, start with a clean slate.
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BCOM iirc has the lowest board pass rate and highest attrition rate, so a clean slate in that term
I see thank you!
Would you say board pass rates and attrition rates are more so dependent on the school or student?
Just know that with BCOM they might also send you out to the middle of nowhere for clinicals. I would investigate that aspect more than anything. I don't know much about Touro.