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Discussion in 'Optometry' started by DoctaJay, May 4, 2007.

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    If you were observant enough to read this post, then you will one of the first SDN members to receive their own personalized SDN blog. Just go to the following link:

    And if you want to be featured on SDN's site, and are willing to do the following:

    * Display your Real Name on your Blogs
    * On your “About” page, display (at least) your picture and your current academic institution (college, medical school, residency field, etc.)
    * Post at least once every 2 months

    Then e-mail us at [email protected] with your:

    1. Name
    2. Desired Blog category
    3. Current academic institution (or residency, or profession, or PGY number, etc.)
    4. A head shot picture (if available)
    5. Your graduation year
    6. The URL to your current SDN Blog (

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