Becoming More Involved

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Oct 7, 2006
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So this idea of becoming more involved in issues related to psychology gets kicked around a lot, though there seems to be a disconnect between people actually being involved and then the vast majority who's involvement may be a yearly due and a monthly/quarterly newsletter.

I wanted to start a thread to discuss ways for students, young professionals, and more established professionals can get involved in furthering the advancement of psychology.

Recently on a listserv I belong to, there was a person who started a group for private practice professionals who want to better develop their PP's and have a group that allows for practicing clinicians to share ideas/resources. I think this is a great way on a local level to build a bit of cohesion, and get people out of their offices and involved with others.

Much like our political climate, I feel like I am a person without a party. I'd like to support the APA, but it seems like they really don't have my best interests in mind (they move at a glacial pace and try to not take a stand on most things). The NAPPP seemed to be a good idea in theory, but they have fallen short for what I'm looking (More political, but a bit too fringe for many). Does anyone have suggestions of groups, organizations, opportunities for people who aren't in lock step with the APA or related organizations?

Some things to get a discussion started....don't feel like you need to answer any/all of them.

1. What do people currently do to stay involved and/or contribute to our profession?
2. What would you like to do?
3. Have you found challenges in doing this?
4. What organizations do you belong to....and are they meeting your needs?
5. What can we do as young professionals to avoid the same pitfalls?


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Feb 19, 2007
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1. Not enough, though I am looking at getting involved in some of the "student rules" in a few different organizations.
3. Some organizations have more student involvement than others. Opportunities abound though - the only real limitation is time. I work 10x as much as I should be, and still am not even doing 1/10th of what I would like to.
4. Currently APA, SRNT and SPR. Expecting to join APS and maybe 1 or 2 others in the near future.

I will say after this last conference, SPR is by far the best organization for students I have seen. Ridiculous numbers of ways to get involved, everyone is incredibly warm and friendly. SRNT is good too, just not as clear on opportunities for student involvement.

APA I have to say I'm increasingly disappointed with. Not only do they move at a glacial pace, the glacier seems to be pointing backwards half the time. That's not meant to disparage those involved in any way (heck I still might become involved in some of the divisions), and I'm hopeful Kazdin will do great things for it. I'm just not convinced they represent my best interests, and I wouldn't be surprised if I completely abandon them in the future.