Beginning MCAT prep: help

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Mar 29, 2018
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Hi everyone!
I am a sophomore in college and I wish to take the MCAT January of my Junior year (2021) with a goal to apply to medical school summer of 2021. I have all the Kaplan 8 series and I have registered for the Princeton Review 510+ online course during this summer. I was wondering what additional materials I should be considering? For the AAMC practise exams, do those need to be purchased or are they free as I cannot seem to find them? Any other tips/advice will be great! I wanted to get a head start so I have time to figure everything out! Thank ypu!

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In addition to the practice tests, it might be a good idea to also purchase AAMC Question Packs and the AAMC Section Banks. Of all the Q Bank sections, you should get the CARS 1 & 2 QPacks, since they’re the closest CARS resource to the real test, and you can analyze what kind of logic AAMC requires you to think.