A friend recently gave me exams II, III, and IV from Berkeley review. I checked the last copywright date of the exams and it was 1995. I then called BR and I think they said the copywright on the recent exams is 2000. How much do you think the exams have changed? Is it worth my time buying II, III, and IV from the most recent version? Anyone out there who is or who has used BR for prep?



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I tutored for them two years ago and have shared a few mutual students the last couple of years (I privately tutor now). The exams were identical every year (I never looked at a copyright date though), but they caught me off guard this last spring. Exams 1 and 4 were actually different than the ones I was used to, so those definitely changed. Exams 7-9 are complete overkill, and hopefully have also changed. I haven't seen them in a year, so I have no idea.

I'd only recommend getting new copies of exams 1 and 4. Exam 5 or 6 (can't remember which one at the moment) is also very good. If you can get them in time, get them. If not, then you have three tests already so no sweat.
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