Which tests would you guys recommend to take? That is, which one is most reflective of the real MCAT. =D

Thanks for your time! :p

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Be careful with the Berkeley full lengths. I've had wildly varying scores. I took 5 of them, verbal scores ranged from 7-12+, which is completely unacceptable in my opinion. The science sections were fairly predictable though.

Another gripe (minor) is that the format isn't exactly like the real MCAT. It's pretty close, but I think they err on the side of too much work/reading.

I still believe they are well worth doing, as long as you aren't trying to predict your results on the real thing. The science questions were thorough and really helped clarify the nuances of big concepts. The explanations were very thorough as well.

Overall, I heartily recommend Berkeley review full lengths for practice, but not for scoring/predicting scores or for timing.
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