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Berkley Review, What's it all about???


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Jun 18, 2001
    I have heard people talking about these materials, and for those of you who have used them or are using them what do you think. How are the subject books? How are the practice tests? If you used these materials on the last MCAT how prepared did you feel? Your input would be greatly appreciated...

    relatively prime

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    Apr 28, 2002
      I only trust Kaplan and PR... and most hard-core MCAT studiers agree. Only use Kaplan and/or PR... all other practice materials are just crap.... especially Barrons!

      I used Kaplan and PR practice tests (took Kaplan course and bought PR stuff off the black market :D )... I felt really prepared. Kaplan especially prepares you for physical sciences! PR gets you ready for verbal.

      So many successful MCAT takers have said this... but no body listens! Why!? :confused: :D :)

      Well, good luck! (you're going to need it if you use Berkley materials) :wink: :D

      Street Philosopher

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      Aug 10, 2000
      ann arbor
        i would take relatively prime's advice with a grain of salt seeing how he's never used their materials.

        I've used their practice tests. Berkeley Review tends to have difficult practice exams but I found it to be great practice because it forces you to know more than just the surface detail. The practice exams aren't exactly like the real MCAT; it errs on the side of difficulty.

        I haven't used their study materials other than the practice exams, but I've heard from people who've taken Berkeley Review say they drill you with lots of detail. That's not exactly the style I like but it has worked from those that took them.
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