Best academic pathology residency tracks/programs?

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Jun 9, 2015
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4th year med student here interested in pathology. I want to do primarily research with my career, so I'm thinking of some non-traditional tracks such as AP only, AP/NP, the physician scientist pathway at UCSF, etc. The programs I'm looking at most right now are mgh, Brigham, Stanford, and UCSF.

Anyone have any tips about what programs/pathways are best for research-oriented pathology, or any other specialized residency pathways? I'm concerned about places with good fellowship and PI opportunities as well since it's probably easier to get those positions at the same place you trained for residency. Thanks in advance for the help!

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If you want to to primarily research and want to get a K award at some point, you should do CP only. AP residencies tends to be really work intensive and your time to do research during those years will be limited. CP tends to be less time intensive in terms of daily workload. Also its only 18 months of clinical work while AP is usually 24 months. Unless you want to practice AP as a part of your career, you should look into CP