Dec 10, 2013
Hi, I am going to take FPGEE next year, and I am wondering... what would be the BEST study book to study from?

For those who have passed FPGEE, which was the best resource for you?

I am thinking of buying the APhA Complete Review for the FPGEE...Was this your main book to study from?
I am searching for this book in Amazon, and I am not sure if it is the correct one....
Is it the brown color book by **** R.Gourley (Sept 10 2010) with cost of $152.48? is this the latest edition?

Also, some people posted that Comprehensive Pharmacy Review was a good source. Is this BETTER than APhA Complete Review for FPGEE?
There are so many "Comprehensive Pharmacy Review" book in Amazon...which one is the correct one?
What is the latest edition?

Jan 18, 2014
Hi i am preaparing for fpgee and i am asking if there is any body wants to do the exam this year

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Apr 6, 2014
United States
Pharmacy Student
Hello Everyone!

I am Pharmacist planning to take FPGEE in coming October 2014. I have created a Study Group on facebook. Please join in. We will be starting Q & A sessions and Study Plans for FPGEE. Plus there are all Free materials and books you need for FPGEE.. This is link for group =

Thanks very much. Join the group on facebook and add your friends who are willing to take FPGEE in October.