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Sep 1, 2000
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Hey Guys,

I need the opinions of those that have filed for licensure and moved to a different state following post-doc/job. As it stands am working on earning my hours toward full licensure and studying for the EPPP. I am hoping to have everything in order by the end of the summer for my current state. However, I'm looking at getting engaged toward the end of the year and as my SO has a high-paying position, it looks like I am going to be moving. The new state does not require the extra year to be licensed and I would probably qualify for licensure as soon as I pass my EPPP. So, when is the best time to apply for licensure; before I take my EPPP here, after I take my EPPP here, or after I am fully licensed here and can apply as someone already licensed in another state? I can stay in my current positions as long as necessary to get licensed. However, my other concern is telling my supervisors prior to getting licensed that I plan to leave once the year is over. In particular, I am concerned about my private practice director steering clients away from me if he knows I will be leaving once I am licensed. Thoughts?
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