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Discussion in 'Student Research and Publishing' started by lundysd, Dec 16, 2005.

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    I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinions on the best tissue engineering graduate programs (independent of the BME rankings). Specifically I'm looking for some Cardiovascular TE programs for a PhD. Thanks
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    You're not going to find a program specializing in this; at most I would expect you might find several faculty members working in related areas. Tissue engineering is pretty broad and could encompass a lot of different methodologies and types of projects; do you have an idea of where in that spectrum you'd like to work? Off the top of my head I can think of some big names in the field, but I think it would help if you could relate more about how your interest in this came to be.
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    Go to the best journals in this subject and do some searching for very recent papers...then track back the authors. You'll find some schools. There was a lab at Tulane Uptown that collaborated with Dr. Nickerson here in our Micro Dept at Tulane MEd...but they moved and there might not be an engineering PhD program here anymore. Dr. Nickerson does 3D tissue modeling with a machine invented by NASA...she sends stuff up on shuttles...uses them to study microbial toxins and tissue. Very cool stuff. The engineering people I used to know (grad students who have graduated or moved with that lab) did stuff for tissue regeneration...trying to develop better models to study tissue 3D.

    I know I just got off track...but you need to go through the journals...then flip to the University webpages for more info on the PIs...then contact them if you're serious.

    It's not common but its totally not unusual for a student to go to a university just to study with that PI.

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