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Oct 28, 2005
I am in the market to get a smartphone...Majority of my friends and fam have verizon, so it only makes sense that I opt for verizon...I am a medical student and am looking for an all in one type gadget that i can carry around when doing rounds...My needs include a phone, PDA? (or something similar where i can run various medical progs), camera really doesnt matter and neither does a mp3...I want something on which the memory can be expanded or already has a big enough memory so that I dont have to get a new one in the future (2+ years)...I do not know much about mobile technology...price is not really a issue as i want something that is quality and on the verizon network....so my question to the experts is which is the best smartphone on the verizon network? I was looking at treo 650 but i really did not know what to compare it to. I have also read somewhere that x-mas time may reveal new smartphones...I can wait a couple of weeks....SO any recommendations? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Nov 6, 2003
The Treo 650's gotta be the best Palm-based smartphone to date. Dunno about new models coming out or when they will. There's some Pocket PC smartphones out (and more on the way) if that's more your thing. Will the hospital allow a cell phone?

I'd like to know if some have the ability to turn off the cell antenna off (like if we're on an airplane but wanna use the PDA). Sorry I couldn't help more. Just know that the 650's pretty sweet.

Dr. Yanknpull

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Sep 29, 2004
I am an MSII, and I have a verizon handheld - the audiovox vz6600. I would recomend this one because it runs pocket pc windows mobile. The palm company seems to be headed out the door. Pocket PC is beginning to take over the handheld scene - check other threads.

Specifically, the audiovox model is better than the treo or samsung because it runs windows and has the biggest screen - which is touch enabled. The screen makes web surfing easy. Plus, its nice to work on a handheld that is compatable with windows desktops. I can easily transfer files from my dell desktop to the pocket pc no problem. I dont know if Palm makes it that easy. Further, palm may have tons of software and freeware available, but the styletap program allows palm apps to run on a PPC platform.

The memory is pretty good. But, I am buying a 2GB card for all the medical meat I need to put on it. Also, verizons national data network destroys wifi. Verizon is a smart choice. You can compare their handhelds on their website. Pocket pc is great because it can do ANYTHING your destop can - mp3, video, any app.
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