Jun 28, 2016
I asked one professor for LOR in May.
He agreed to write it for me and he said he's familiar with submitting LOR through PharmCAS.
I did not tell him the exact deadline.
PharmCAS has sent him an email on 7/12/16 and he has not submitted one.
I still have some time since I will be submitting my app after fall semester, but I am worried if he will forget about me after first week of school.
So what would be the best way for me to remind him? Is it okay to just resend email on PharmCAS?
Or should I wait?


"We'll have it ready in about an hour"
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Aug 12, 2015
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Go to his office if you want an instant response. That's what I did, and the professor submitted it that day. Professor's are busy with research and such, so forgetting about tasks like that are easy for them.