Best way to update dental schools?

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Oct 27, 2008
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First off, many congratulations to everyone who just got their acceptances. I however did not. I was wondering if there was an appropriate way to update schools on extra-curricular activities and shadowing which I have done since submitting my apps. Basically I want to share with them stuff that's not covered under the academic update feature on AADSAS. Is a letter appropriate? If anyone has some thoughts on this could you please share them?


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I emailed and faxed my schools some updates. Only, if you fax, make sure you call and check to see that it went through; some of their fax machines are in different offices and they only get checked once daily or so. I'm not sure if other people snail mail things in or not, but when I called to make sure my stuff went through all the people who picked up were really nice about checking my file to make sure that it'd actually gone in, so I'm assuming that it's ok to fax/email.