What's the best way to increase my overall academic capabilities?

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Jan 20, 2022
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Summer has officially started for me. I am volunteering in a dental clinic, studying for the DAT, and looking for a job/research opportunities. What is an activity or program I can participate in that can really help me push myself to become a better student? I don't want to enter post-bacc or dental school with my current skill set alone, I want to expand my capabilities. I just want to be better.

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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Nice to see a growth mindset. I encourage finding balance and structure. Develop good dietary habits, a consistent (or mostly consistent) exercise schedule and some outside hobbies. Being a better student includes both good study habits and taking care of yourself. The study habit tips are hard to give advice for since everyone has their own quirk. I would say be efficient and organized with your notes, study consistently a little everyday vs. cramming. Tackle the hardest/biggest topic for the day...that way you get it over with and covered. I found myself saving the hardest topic for the end of the day and would be tired or out of time by then.
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uh, yeah the ceremony is in a week. why do you ask?
Oh I was just wondering if you were looking to increase your performance as an undergrad student vs in other ways.

I agree with the above looking at time management and spaced repetition techniques and keeping yourself healthy will be the most helpful
I think shadowing is the first step in more exposure but if time permits I'd definitely recommend being DA as it can only help to get you more familiar with the workforce.
OP: I have really no clue what you meant from the title of the thread... :) I think the rest of the posters emphasize it's all on you to develop that "lifelong learning" bug to expand those capabilities, not to have it as the goal once you get into dental school.

But if you want a random suggestion: wash yourself using only indirect vision [a hand mirror] in the shower every day until you get into dental school. (Kinda kidding. But if you try, make sure you are well lighted... no need to complicate things with wearing a head lamp. Share on Tiktok to challenge other predents.)
If you can make the time commitment, and your state allows it, you might want to work as a dental assistant. I found it really beneficial for me while I was considering the field, and I met a lot of dentists who gave me really good advice, and meet a dentist who is willing to write a good recommendation letter for me
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