bias in OB/GYN programs

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    As medical students, we hear anecdotes that men in OB/GYN:

    1. can't find jobs after residency.
    2. can't even get into a residency.
    3. are often not treated professionally by their female colleages (which comprise 80+% of many programs).

    No males in our 4th year class (top 20 school) matched in OB/GYN but two scrambled in - neither of those two entered any of the three programs affiliated with our school which now are 75% - 80% female.

    I am interested in academic maternal fetal medicine but I am concerned about finding a residency spot when the time comes.

    Has the pendulum swung to its limit? Are attitudes returning to the center or is bias increasing?

    Is the bias in accordance with peer reviewed studies of patient preference?

    Please share your opinions and experiences.


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