Big news! FMG can now receive a medical license and practice independently in TN without completing a US residency.

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Yes ecfmg certification is required for this. However you need no residency training to get ecfmg certified. All they require is graduation from am accredited international school and transcripts verifying all usmle steps have been passed. I became ecfmg certified 2 weeks after I graduated. Months before I ever started residency.
You need residency training at least started to get PERMANENT ecfmg. You got a TEMPORARY ecfmg months before residency which does not qualify for this Tennessee bill. Only way to get permanent ecfmg is to do 1 year of residency or acgme transition/preliminary year.

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You just proved my point. “Once the applicant successfully completes the first year of training in a U.S. GME training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the ECFMG Certificate will no longer be subject to expiration.”=permanent ECFMG which is required by this Tennessee FMG bill.
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Have the physicians in TN noticed any difference in the job market / pay? are there any trends?