1. O

    Pennsylvania unrestricted medical license - by endorsement for FMG

    Dear All, I am a European doctor who has been offered a fellowship in Pennsylvania starting next year (non-ACGME). For this I need an unrestricted medical license. I have completed my training and boards in my home country. I have USMLE Steps 1-3. I spoke to the PA board and they said I can...
  2. O

    Other Pennsylvania unrestricted medical license application - by endorsement

    accidental post
  3. Pier

    Radiology as FMG/IMG: Visa comparison long term

    I'm currently studying medicine in Italy, second year (our of six), graduating in 2025, and preplanning* my hop across the pond to the US. Currently I'm investigating the possibility to get into radiology (diagnostics in particular). One of my concerns is the peculiarity of rads' path, with its...
  4. T

    Realistically, should I bother with taking the steps as an FMG?

    I'm an FMG working in the UK who is unhappy with the system,training and low pay (starting consultant/attending pay is 75k usd after taxes{82k before}, incrementally builds up to a max of 95k after 19 years as a consultant) here. I haven't taken the steps yet, but I was wondering if I should...
  5. M

    Other Unmatched Again! They Don't Care!

    Exams completed. ECFMG certified. No gaps in between and have remained consistent with work in the health field relative to gaining clinical experience. I have called numerous programs where the program directors/coordinators have straight said over the phone "I have not had a chance to check...
  6. S

    FMGs in academic medicine?

    Is it possible for a foreign medical graduate today become a physician scientist or enter into academic medicine. Given the fact that a lot of NIH grants are given to US citizens only, is it possible for foreign medical graduates to get enough funding to enter academia?? Say if a fmg lands into...
  7. A

    Apply as FMG or try to get Green Card before applications are due?

    Hi everyone. I am going to be an FMG once I graduate medical school, and I was wondering if it would be better to try to attain a green card beforehand by the time I have to apply for residency. Let me explain. My boyfriend (also in medical school where I am from) is a US citizen. We've been...
  8. D

    USMLE step 1

    Good day, I know that most Filipino medical students who take the USMLE start taking the steps after completing the medical program in the Philippines. My question though, is for those who started the step before graduating. I see a lot of posts about having to take a semester off or taking...
  9. FutureDoctor5000

    Merger 2020

    Will the merger weed out the IMG's? Discuss and let me know what y'all think.. How long before these off shore schools close? Theres way too many DO and MD schools popping up for the IMG's and FMG's to even get spots. I really hope that sometime in the near future NO ONE other than someone...
  10. YCAGA

    Australian medical schools seem blatantly predatory towards North American students...am I missing something?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this post does not come across the wrong way. I come from a place of wanting to understand and possibly inform other North American premeds looking into Australian medical schools. I started looking into Australian medical schools for the same reasons many North Americans...
  11. MedicalDestiny

    ERAS NRMP Residency Advisor for 2020 Match

    I have years of experience as a USMLE Step 2 CS tutor; and more recently have worked one on one with medical students, Foreign Medical Graduates FMGS, IMG international medical graduates in helping them get their ERAS applications— personal statements, CV, and doing mock interviews with them/...
  12. M

    Are there restrictions on FMG's?

    I am all for MD, DO, MD-IMG students for getting the residencies-basically American citizens, but it seems unfair for FMG to match without others matching first (since it's our tax dollars). I want to learn more about our GME system, what kind of restrictions are currently placed on accepting...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Medicine, Mom, and Social Media: An Interview with Dr. Dana Corriel [Episode 301]

    Interview with Dr. Dana Corriel, Internist and Founder of SoMeDocs [Show Summary] It’s not often you hear from a doctor who has consciously taken time to “smell the roses.” Dr. Dana Corriel shares how she keeps balance in her life while practicing medicine, raising a family, and managing a...
  14. D

    Help with US clinical experience for an IMG

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well! I am an IMG who graduated from med school in 2017, and have been preparing for the USMLE because I am interested in practicing in the US. I am searching to gain clinical experience in America, to further raise my chances to get matched in to a residency program...
  15. Y

    Possibilities for board certification without residency

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. I qualified in the UK and have completed all my postgraduate training here. This includes IM, and completing two fellowships in my subspecialty. I also hold a PhD in my field. I will be moving to the US to start another Fellowship in July. I do not have...
  16. Y

    Possibilities for board certification without residency

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. I qualified in the UK and have completed all my postgraduate training here. This includes IM, and completing two fellowships in my subspecialty. I also hold a PhD in my field. I will be moving to the US to start another Fellowship in July. I do not have...
  17. G

    IMG Family Medicine Applicants- Match 2019

    Hi guys, I'm a Caribbean school graduate completely new to sdn. Couldn't find a place for IMG's applying to family medicine for this cycle. Hopefully we can get this one going and support each other during this time. Step 1: 213 Step 2 CK: 226 Step 2 CS: Pass Step 3: Not taken YOG: 2018 Visa...
  18. CerebralCat

    IMG Internal Medicine Applicants - Match 2019

    The IMG thread last year was super helpful and encouraging to read. Decided to start one for this year's cycle! Let's support each other through this stressful process. Share your scores and application stats (if you wish) - this helps other applicants gauge their competitiveness. It can also...
  19. L

    CV gaps. Do they affect my US residency application?

    I am an FMG. I graduated first week of July 2018. My internship doesn't start until December or maybe even February depending on the placement. That's how it is in my country. So now I'll have a good 5-7 months gap in my CV. Is this considered a gap for US residency program directors? Since I...
  20. B

    Residency training in the UK for a non-EU national

    Hi! I'm a 2nd year medical student from Ghana, West Africa and I'm currently studying in Hungary. I would like to do my residency training in the UK after I graduate and I just wanted to know the necessary steps I'd have to take to do so, chances of getting into a program, etc... Any help at all...
  21. M

    international vs US graduates

  22. D

    Would these credentials be enough to match Diagnostic Radiology?

  23. futuregirlmed

    Non-US Citizen: Try to match as IMG or try to get into a US/Can school?

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right place? If not, I apologize. I'm a non-us citizen currently studying in Europe, I should probably point out that I'm also a non-EU citizen. I really want to be a doctor, I can't imagine doing anything else. Should I: -Go to a European med school...
  24. E

    Aiming EM/IM residency, Surgery Elective?

    Hey, I'm an FMG entering my final year, and hoping to match into either EM or IM. I have an elective in an IM subspecialty at a good program, and am organising an EM elective through a contact at another hospital. I just got offered a Surgery Sub-I in a really great program. Aside from the...
  25. S

    FMG about to graduate in 1 month, need some advice on my decision on getting USCE via paid clerkship

    Hey guys, I need some advice on if those paid USCE is worth it, I'm in a very confusing place right now. So basically I plan on getting USCE this year, but due to some SNAFU last year, I ended up with nothing, and now with graduation coming in 1 month, I will end up becoming a graduate, and...
  26. sahell

    265 with 5 hours of sleep - An IMG's story

    After wrestling the beast, I realise that no amount of training can truly prepare you. It’s like nothing else out there. That being said, this account is an attempt to alleviate the anxiety that will plague me for hopefully only the next three weeks. Reading past experiences guided me during the...
  27. H

    School With best IMG Match Rate?

    As the title reads, which FMG school has the best match rate? I have heard that there are some very good Carib schools (in terms of match rate) like SGU and maybe Ross [essentially the big three], but I recently heard that the first FMG school that Beaumont Hospital (an extremely white - biased...
  28. R

    Electives for IMG

    Hello all, I am an International Medical Student from India and I am in my final year. I did all my core electives in India and I will be graduating in August, 2017. So, I am looking for clinical elective opportunities either in June or July. I gave my USMLE Step 1 and I will be wrting step 2...
  29. W

    Ophtho Residency Chances to FMG with such stats?

    Stats: FMG from a non ACGME-certified school (yeah...i know looks bad already :/) Honors on 2 away ophtho electives the US 2 first authorship papers here in ophthalmology 1 abstract submitted to AAO for review (might or might not end up as a poster in AAO's annual meeting this year) Small...
  30. A

    Anyone have experience with AMClinicals (paid clerkship site)?

    Due to multiple eligibility issues and curriculum differences, I can't apply for an elective in the states the old fashioned way. So I'm turning to paid clerkship sites. Anyone have experience with this site in particular? How hands-on was it and what level of responsibility did you have while...
  31. L

    Asking for opinion from experienced doctors regarding the type of visa

    Hi, I am an FMG from Indonesia. I am planning to join this year's application cycle for internal medicine residency. My goal is to become a general cardiologist in the future. And I would also like to practice cardiology in the US. During my research about residency, I come across two different...
  32. A

    Clinical Rotations/Electives at hospitals that don't require Core Rotations to be completed?

    I'm an Eastern European medical student looking to do a couple of elective rotations this coming summer. I've spent the last month or so looking at every medical school in the US in order to do these rotations, and every single one that accepts international students requires that you have your...
  33. B

    STEP 2 CS tutoring! (only 15$ an hour!)

    I'm a medical student from a top US medical school who will be applying for residency in a few months and would be thrilled to help other students in their path to academic success! I have worked with foreign medical students in getting ready for step 2 CS and they have all passed very...
  34. A

    Regarding US Clinical Electives as an Easter European student. Can't seem to find any solution.

    I'm a 5th year (out of 6) Eastern European medical student, and I'm aiming to do my residency in the States. Having successfully passed Step 1, I'm looking to get some clinical experience in the US to continue on my journey. Unfortunately, it seems that due to the vast differences in curriculum...
  35. R

    How US schools relate to Mexican schools

    Hi, I'm a medical student from one of the top 5 schools in Mexico, according to the 2016 ENARM report (mexican residency exam). I'm an american and I'm planning on doing my steps to later seek for a spot in the MATCH. I'd like to know someones thoughts on competing as an IMG (hopefully) VS AMG...
  36. D

    Other Fmg Friendly Programs where to look for them

    Does anybody have links to places I can find FMG friendly programs for residencies?
  37. H

    Other Importance of school

    Hi! I'm soon to be an FMG in Sweden, with the intention of obtaining a residency in the US after graduation. My biggest concern at the moment is which medical school I should go to. I'm trying to pick between Karolinska Institute and Lund University. The reason I want to go to Lund is because I...
  38. M

    Step 1 and clerkship (as IMG/FMG)

    Hi, I'm a latam medical student on 4th year, I want to know what's better for me, because on 6th I will start my internship, If stop before my internship and prepare & do Step 1 to apply a clerkship or Look for a clerkship without Step 1 requirement or Just finish my internship and then do an...
  39. P

    Help with ecfmg documents

    I will be graduating from a medical school in China next month and need some help with the documents that has to be submitted to ecfmg, as my country of residence requires ecfmg verification in order to register. I have been told by previous graduates that after I recieve my degree I will have...
  40. A

    Can Anyone Help?

    Hi Does anyone know of any british students in med school at any of the big 4 in the caribbean? Or any british students who have obtained residency in the US? Do you know of any issues they are facing or did face to get to where they are. How was finding a residency as a british citizen...