bio major missing some pre-reqs

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Jul 19, 2010
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I graduated with a B.A. in Biology three years ago and would have never guessed that I'd someday want to go to dental school. I have been teaching high school Biology in my three years since graduating and for multiple reasons I now want to become a dentist.

Since I was a B.A., I have completed all the pre-reqs except for a year of OChem (I only took a semester of Elem. OChem.) and also need a semester of Biochem.

I am trying to find a post-bacc or masters program to up my GPA (currently 3.1). I'm having trouble finding one right for me. Most of the post-bacc programs would make me retake all my undergrad (GChem, Physics, Cell Bio) and I don't want to do that. Most of the Masters programs require that I have OChem done. Does anyone have any ideas for a program that would be right for me?

Also, does anyone know of a post-bacc/masters program that I could enter THIS fall? I know most programs have deadlines in the spring and it's now mid-July, but I just attended a four-day Careers in Dentistry workshop last week that really solidified my resolve to become a dentist. Now I want to do whatever I can to be a competitive applicant next June 2011 to enter DS Fall 2012.

Another thought is get an MBA where I can also enroll in OChem.

I probably need to be a full-time student, because as a teacher, I don't have enough money saved to go part-time and not work, and most teaching jobs are during the day, the same time most OChem classes are offered.

I'm looking for advice. Some quick facts about me, if it helps.

3.1 GPA
B.A. Biology with Honors thesis
Spanish Honor Society (minor)
Math/Sci teacher for 3 years
Good service and research bkgrd
Waiting to take DAT till after OChem
Good test taker 1320 GRE (780 quant), 750 GMAT (98%)

Thanks for reading my thread and in advance for your advice. Also feel free to comment on my overall prospects at getting into dental school. Thanks! :)

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Why don't you just re-apply to your University as an "undergraduate seeking second degree" and just for the heck of it say you want a BS in Chemistry. Then enroll in your year of O-Chem and a semester of Biochem and if you want to up your GPA some more, take some upper level bio classes. That way you don't have to pay a graduate tuition, you don't have to re-take your pre-reqs and you can boost your GPA above a 3.3 I would imagine if you did well in just O-chem and Biochem. I'm assuming that because you were a BA in Bio.
Most dental schools are willing to guide you and tell you what they are looking for in an applicant. Call your state school(s) and explain your situation. I'm a non-trad and have talked to the admissions departments of two state schools. Both were extremely helpful. The dental school(s) you wish to attend may not require you to enroll in a formal post-bacc or masters program. As the previous post said, you may be able to enroll full time and take O-Chem and other upper level science classes. I would avoid the MBA program. Most schools want to see that you can manage a heavy science load and the MBA program wouldn't accomplish that (although it would help you run your practice in the future).