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Bio Question--speciation



1. What must happen first during speciation?
--Is it mutation?

2. Does anyone remmember the cheetah question that everyone was talking about a while back?

The two types of Speciation that i can remember from my ecology class are Allopatric SPeciation which is due to geographical isolation where the species diverge genotypically or phenotypically and Sympatric Speciation where species diverge while inhabiting the same place due to random mutation such as polyploidy. I'm sure there are other forms of speciation, however I cant remember them off the top of my head.

As far as the cheetah question is concerned it goes something like this.

the static allele frequencies, leading possibly to threat of extinction among the cheetah popluation, is closely related to a condition called . . .

a) punctuated equilibrium
b) catatrophism
c) gentetic variation
d) hybridization
e) genetic equilibrium

answer is E, population equilibrium remains constant in the absence of microevolution factors. the hardy-weinberg


A Whole New World
15+ Year Member
Jul 21, 2004
Thanks alot!
i remmember the the speciation question when i took the DAT the first time, and it asked what the first step in speciation, i dont remember the choices, but i remember putting mutation as the answer.

I had this question, I put mutation as the answer. PM me. I have a question para tu.
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