Oct 19, 2019
Hi guys! I'm planning on taking the DAT in March of 2020. Right now I'm reviewing bootcamp's bio notes (and also the longer version in the bio academy) and Dr. Romano's dymanite biology review. I'm also planning on doing all the bio questions in bootcamp, dat destroyer, qvault, and crackdat. Would that be sufficient for bio or should I also look over Kaplan, cliff's, and/or barron's? Thanks guys~


Almost there!
Apr 10, 2018
Just to throw in my opinion, I think you're using way too many resources to prepare. Regardless of what you end up choosing, don't use more than one or two, otherwise you'll have information overload which will end up hurting you come exam day.

Now, I have to plug the DAT Destroyer and the Dynamite Notes because they helped me do as well as I did on the exam. I kept to those resources, focussed on them, practiced using almost exclusively them, but referenced Campbell and undergrad notes when necessary. That worked out for me, and I think it's the best source of action for the majority of people preparing for the exam. But, suum cuique!

From: Bio DAT bootcamp
I said this in another thread a few weeks back, but I think you're using way too many resources for bio. If you overwhelm yourself with the material, you won't truly learn it and might end up doing more poorly. Just keep that in mind; see my response from before above.
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