Oct 18, 2015
Hi! My exam is in 5/6 days and I have so far neglected studying for the taxonomy part of Biology... I just completed the DAT destroyer (basically just guessed on those questions).

I am going to memorize my notes from the destroyer but does anyone have simple (breadth over detailed) notes for this section!?

I understand Cliff's is too detailed, and I want to prioritize my time since it is limited now!

Thanks guys


2+ Year Member
Aug 7, 2015
Read through Feralis' excel on taxonomy. Know the major things on there. if you read it a few times a day and do Destryoer you should pick on what stands out more. Honestly, I didn't know what to focus on either at first but then I saw things that kept coming up: Evolution from jawless fish to mammals, things like marsupials, monotremes, annelids have a closed circuit system, instects have chitin and open circulatory system.There's all these facts that I know because some facts just kept coming up. Cliff's was also very helpful. I would suggest knowing the major Protists and plants. Just be familiar with them...the best would be to memorize as much as possible but I know how hard it is to fit more stuff in before the exam ;) good luck

http://datbootcamp.com/feralis-biology-notes/ (Download the Taxonomy Sheet)