Dec 9, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental

Hope everyone's semester turned out good! I just finished my O-Chem 1 class and am enrolled to take Biochemistry over the summer. For o-chem and other classes I have relied on sources like Khan Academy and supplementary textbooks (highly recommend "Organic Chemistry as a Second Language" by David Klein if you need help with o-chem) to help me study through the semester, but I noticed there isn't a Biochemistry course from Khan Academy and not near as many supplemental textbooks available. Do y'all have any recommendations on supplemental material or have any advice on how to successfully get through the course? Any tips are welcome.


Do you know what textbook you're using? I did all the practice questions in the back of each professor literally used questions right out of the book, but didn't tell us ahead of time that's what he would use.
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Jun 24, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental

This advice goes for any class: memorize the slides the teacher made for you religiously. Use the textbook for reference or if a past student told you it is helpful. Teachers will usually make verbatim questions out of their powerpoints first because they're usually notes from the book anyways. Its not worth taking the time out to watch a youtube vid unless you absolutely need to. Ochem is different beast because you need tons of practice and thats how Khan Academy and supplemental stuff can be helpful.
I did this in biochem 1 and 2 and did very well in both.

Hope this helps

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