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Feb 20, 2005
Hello Everyone,

I am 15 years old

my mother was diagnosed with optic neuritis she has had it for 8 years in the first stages she had blury vision it got worser and worser until the point where she was blind this really breaks my heart Since I wa 10 I had to take my mother outside by the arm she has no cane My mother has to have fun too right.

When we go outside everybody stares at my mom feeling sympathy I know there has to be an operation for this disease. My mother claims that there is none at this time but I think she is lieing there has to be one so my fellow doctors and can you tell me what I can do can you please help me out I wil greatly appreciate it thank you so much


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Oct 1, 2002
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Dear Grego89,

I'm sorry for your mom's illness. At the present time, there are no surgeries or cures for your mother's optic neuritis.