Books for Sub-I

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Feb 10, 2010
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What are the best books to have in preparation for sub-I? Is there an anatomy book that people recommend? Thanks!

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Take a look ~4-5 threads down for some recs:

Personally I think Weider's pocket urology, supplemented with Campbell's and a sprinkle of Netters is the ultimate combination.

IMHO, I think that is a little much. Campbell's is way to big to be useful at this point. Stick with a Weider's in your pocket, try to have something cheap and concise at home like Smith's and I agree with the Netter's PRN. No offense intended Felipe.
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non taken---our students and residents get free access to campbell's online which can come in very handy but I wouldn't go out and buy it for a sub-I. Unfortunately when studying for cases, Weiders or Smiths won't give you any information regarding operative techniques/approaches or post-operative expectations. This is typically advanced material and our students aren't expected to be experts at all, but knowing whats going on and having well placed questions regarding technique and different approaches can be quite impressive IMHO. But yeah, weiders and netter can get you pretty far
Forget Wieders, its my contention that if you can identify Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and ACDC music while in the OR with Dr. Thrasher, you'll do well during a rotation at KUMC.