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  1. Has anyone rotated at any of the programs in the Boston area? I just found out (for personal reasons) that I need to match in the area but I don't know much about the strengths or weaknesses of the different programs. Any personal experience at any of the following would help:

    Beth Israel Deaconess
    Boston Medical Center
    U Mass

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    A few thoughts re. yr inquiry: crude ranking:

    2boston medical ctr
    3mass general

    if baystate wasn't in fricking springfield, it would be in the top two.

    boston med is 2-4; but a great program.
    of all the boston programs, they are the true EM docs...

    mgh is pretty new, and i've heard, can be
    pretty malignant--i don't know that it's anything special, except in name.

    brown has a great rep, you work hard, high volume

    baystate: friendly 3 year program in an unfortunate location, perhaps a bit weak academically

    BI--spanking new ED with some big names attached; sadly the hospital has a cashopathy, and also i've heard that the patient volume and diversity is a bit weak
    nice 3 year program with optional 4th year

    umass: i've heard you have to spend way too much time on lifeflights (helicopters); man do those things have crappy safety records (also questionable return on our healthcare dollars, but that's another story)

    anyway..take these impressions with a few grains of salt...a lot of this is just word-of-mouth kind of opinions that I'm repeating
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    Thanks. It's interesting how Harvard seems less competitive.
    My advisor told me to look at BI and told me that they've turned around their financial problems. How do you figure out where the best pathology is? If you look at the SAEM web site, MGH, Brigham, and BI have the highest rate of admission to the ICU and greater number of patients. It would be good to hear from anyone who rotated there.

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