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Boston U. 2008

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Sep 10, 2002
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Originally posted by gatorfan99
I received a phone call the day after! They also offered me a 10,000 scholarship towards my tuition costs. I think I made a good impression :) :)


Did they offer you the scholarship after you sent in your deposit or before?

Is that $10,000 per year or just one time.



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Mar 14, 2004
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To all who are going to BU in the fall, have you received information packets about school in the fall yet? Or do they wait until orientation. Just seems kinda irritating that I haven't received much info about the school, schedule, or classes yet.

Also, has anyone received information back about their financial aid packages? I emailed the financial aid office today to see what the deal is.


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Feb 24, 2004
Vancouver, Canada
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I'm also still waiting for additional information from BU. So far I've received the financial aid package, Excel package (which I've sent back and have not heard back from yet), medical examination package and an early bird access code to the BU site.

I am still waiting for my student visa application forms which I've been told has been sent last week and should be here soon. I've emailed Diane from the Excel program and is still waiting a reply for more information.

I plan to head down to Boston soon to look for a place to stay and hope to receive all their packages by this month or early next month. I think the best way is to call the office of admissions and ask them what else they plan to send if any and just keep following up. There is still a couple more months before school starts so I wouldn't worry too much but would definitely follow up.
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