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Apr 6, 2000
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Just thought I'd share my personal opinion on this book.

I just took the behavioral shelf and there was NOTHING in that test that wasn't covered in this book.

the questions are almost identical to the board questions. I can't recommend it highly enough.

you can read it all straight through in about 2 days easily.



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Apr 22, 2004
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I took my behavioral shelf this morning as well. I have to agree 100%. The BRS Book is hands-down the best resource for this exam. I felt like the person that wrote BRS wrote the Shelf. Seriously. There was absolutelly nothing that was on the exam that wasn't covered in BRS. I read it last week and once again yesterday. The whole book can be read in about 6-8 hours depending on how motivated you are. The questions in the book, both the ones at the end of the chapter and the comprehensive exam at the end, are very much like the questions on the shelf. I felt as though I had seen some of the questions before when I was taking the exam.

As far as shelf content it was a LOT of Dr./Pt. relationship q's and Ethical issues. Absolutelly no biostats. Not too much in terms of pharm or develomental milestones but a few (maybe 2-4) q's on each. A few brain anatomy q's and a few on defense mechanisms. Best advice is to read BRS and memorize the charts and tables. I looked over the tables briefly b4 my exam and I feel it really helped. It's really long too...lots of reading for each question so try to get rested the night before b/c I felt a little worn out by the end.

Some people in my class also did some QBank questions and they said they were very helpful especially in terms of how to approach the Dr./pt. relationship and ethical q's. I didn't do this so I can't vouch but several people said the q's were very similar w. some being nearly identical.