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  1. D

    SMP Georgetown vs BU

    Hi all, First time poster long term lurker here! Hope anyone who sees this is doing well and safely hiding out in quarantine. I applied last cycle unsuccessfully (cGPA3.56, sGPA3.3, MCAT 511 with decent volunteering, ECs, and full time work in clinical research) to allopathic schools with 0...
  2. DentTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  3. StressoEspresso

    Post-Bac/Special Masters Programs

    Hi Guys! I'm a long time lurker on SDN and recently made an account to get some advice. I'm applying to SMP and post-bac programs to improve my academic record (I have an upward trend in the last two years). I already have tons of research experience, clinical shadow hours from scribing...
  4. F

    Need help with SMP decision making - 4 days to decide!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this and I know this question has been asked before but it seems like people sometimes give good advice or have points I myself would have never thought of so I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to see what you all think. TLDR at the bottom. My Background: I graduated...
  5. A

    Post Bacc/SMP Programs

    Hi! I'm graduating this May and know that I probably need an academic record enhancer post bacc program to be considered a strong applicant. I'm currently looking at Georgetown SMP, BU MAMS, Brown ScM and Johns Hopkins Master of Health Science (all 1 year programs) and got accepted to Duke MBS...
  6. N

    BU MAMS 2019: Housing

    This thread is for all those who were accepted into the BU MAMS or one of the Dual-Degree programs including MAMS. I started this thread mainly for those who are who are a bit nervous about finding housing in the Boston area... Finding affordable housing in the South End, South Boston...
  7. Boston University MAMS

    Post Boston University MAMS 2019-2020

    Hey all! Thank you for your interest in the MAMS program. Please feel free to use this space to ask any questions that you may have!
  8. K


    Accepted to both, any recommendation on which program to attend? I live in Florida.
  9. RandomChance

    BU MAMS vs Tufts BMS

    I have gained acceptance into both and I am dead stuck between the two! Some of the previous comparison threads I've dug through seem to be older - when the Tufts program wasn't quite as established, but anyway the two programs seem surprisingly similar: BOTH: - 2-year suggested...
  10. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  11. H

    Gap year or SMP prior to medical school?

    Hello! I am an undergrad student in my senior year right now and need different opinions on the next step I should take before applying to med school. My cGPA is 3.6 and my sGPA is around a 3.3-3.4. I have yet to take the GRE or MCAT. I am planning on taking the GRE general exam late this...
  12. W

    Feeling lost along the pre-med journey - Please advise

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on the forum even though I've been a long-time reader, so please forgive me if I unknowingly break any forum rules. I could really use some advice on my particular circumstances and where to go from hear. Thank you in advance for reading my story...
  13. Student1222

    Advice on SMP Decision

    Hi, I just graduated from college and I have a huge decision to make. I was wondering if you smart sdn ppl can help me out on my path to medical school. I currently have a 3.22 cGPA and 3.26sGPA from undergrad. Since my GPA is too low for any M.D., I decided to apply for special masters...
  14. P


    Accepted to both programs. 3.63cgpa, 3.48sgpa, 31 old MCAT, retaking in August. Already applied two cycles with 1 interview and waitlist each time but no acceptance (so far). Recently became a FL resident so USF tuition and costs much cheaper than BU MAMS but wondering if USF has a strong...