Building experience/resume this summer

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Dec 1, 2014
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Hi all,

I need to gain experience for medical school--I'm a sophomore, and just decided to seriously pursue medicine. Accordingly, I have no extracurriculars or experience in medicine.

I have considered getting my EMT-B and working as an EMT part-time when in school. This would be difficult later on due to classes. I have also considered becoming a CNA, but I fear actually being hired in my area would be hard to do.

All my area hospitals are asking for too long of time commitments for me to volunteer--ie the main academic hospital in my area is asking for a 4-month commitment, when I'll only be home for two months at the most.

How exactly should I go about this? Thanks in advance guys!

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Clinical employment is not necessary.

Can you volunteer at a free clinic? Planned Parenthood? End of life care center? Anything that involves a modicum of patient-physician/patient-care provider interaction will do for now.
Agree with the above poster. But if you're looking to make money and get clinical experience, finding a CNA job is usually easier than EMT. I can't speak for your area though obviously. You might find a hospital CNA job is more difficult to land than one in a nursing home or home health care though.
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