Business Statistics Counted Towards BCPM?

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Hi All,

I took business statistics during my undergraduate degree when I was originally a business major. However, the business statistics I took was not apart of the MATH department but rather Business and Marketing department. The name of the courses I took for business statistics were: Quantitative Analysis 235 (Business Statistics) and Quantitative Analysis 305 (Decision Making 2). The QA 235 course description was: "An introduction to managerial decision-making based in data summaries, basic data analysis evaluation, and interpretation. The QA 305 course description was: "An applied approach to decision making using both qualitative and quantitative data. Basic analytical tools and methods are introduced".

My questions are:

1) Will this count towards my BCPM?
2) Will this even count as a statistics course at all, for the purposes of prerequisites?

Thanks in advance.

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1) From the course description they are likely NOT BCPM but there is no penalty for listing as such as they will change it if they disagree
2) some medical schools may take it; many may not. You will not get a determination until AFTER you have been accepted by a school
Thank you! This was very insightful and helpful!