Butler v. Creighton v. Presby Distance PharmD Programs?

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Jun 4, 2020
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My tune has changed in the past two months since getting rejected from UC Skaggs School of Pharmacy and looking at the crappy areas I would have to live in to begin PharmD studies in-person. Bad parts of the city, bad city overall or a 'warehouse' next to the interstate highway. I was looking forward to attending this school as the outdoor lifestyle suits my work-recreation balance of healthy living and exercise. The San Diego area is known for excellent scientific research and Skaggs would have pushed me to a level of excellence in a challenging program. But what seems to good to be true usually is especially nowadays. As others have said I definitely got the impression the UC system is stoic just reading through their program website and requirements. UC Skaggs posted a Xmas YouTube video and as one student stated in the comments essentially affirmative action still holds strong in their student pool. So, forget it... just like UC Irvine asking for an extra $135 graduate application fee, they want money. I did interview with Loma Linda University but I also agree religion and academics shouldn't be mixed. Spending mandatory time in chapel is time that should be spent studying. God can still be in your life without these things. The LLU interview was indeed informal and a bit weird. University of the Pacific is good but being a homebody stuck in a campus fortress surrounded by crime doesn't sound great.

I have to create a side by side document so I can more easily compare the NAPLEX and other pass rates for online distance PharmD programs with Creighton University, Butler University and Presbyterian College. Butler has the best pass rates, followed by Creighton. Interestingly Presby's attrition rate is as alarmingly high as a Caribbean medical school. I know online doctoral level studies sounds even more strange than an online master's but it really does cut out a lot of the fluff and fat. I have done some online studies in the past and excelled at it. It really works better for me even though I wish to be around people more for all the advantages that come with that. However, I feel online learning is the wave of the future and I haven't been in a brick-and-mortar classroom since undergrad.

It appears Butler University has the most organized, prestigious program of these three institutions. However, their curriculum may be more difficult and expectations high. I just get that vibe from them in looking over their website. I have noticed Butler's responses to my questions about their program have been slow or absent. This worries me a bit about the quality and timeliness of responses I will get from them as a potential distance learning student in their program. Creighton University has been the opposite - I get an excellent, helpful response right away. Presby was $122k tuition & fees, Creighton $180k and Butler $185k. I may have mixed up the Creighton and Butler totals $$ as I cannot recall with certainty. Anyway, I plan to enroll in PSLF following graduation but do not know how great these types of jobs are compared to non PSLF employment opportunities. I gather U.S. Air Force pharmacist qualifies for PSLF?

Presby has yet to gain full accreditation for their accelerated 3.5 year program with minimal on-campus immersion requirements. This makes me nervous as I may have to go commence studies in-person if accreditation is not granted. What the odds of not gaining accreditation are - I do not know. I believe they will get accreditation and do not see why not. I tried reaching the school via phone to inquire about this and they do not answer their phone. I could ask the ACPE but they probably won't be able to provide any answers. I took organic chemistry courses 14-15 years ago and Presby has a 7 year rule on this with possible exception.

Butler requires synchronous and asynchronous learning just as Creighton does. Creighton's weekly synchronous requirement hours are miminal, though I was not able to get an exact hourly requirement. I have inquired with Butler about their synchronous hourly requirement and have not heard back from them after well over a week ago. Butler answer my first email of questions, but their more vague responses and poorer communication has me more worried as Creighton has thoroughly answered my questions with lightning speed. Creighton sent me this letter in the postal mail soliciting me to attend their program. Creighton did indeed create the first distance PharmD program in America.

Thanks for reading, for your help

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I've only met idiots who attended Creighton and every Butler grad has been pretty sharp. Never heard of your third option.

PS: Why would anyone want to go to pharmacy school in 2024?