1. globaldoc27

    WAMC: URM 510 3.5cGPA 3.73 masters GPA

    Hi, I was wondering if it’s worth it to apply to UCLA in hopes of getting a scholarship as a Texas resident. I have almost 1000 hours of clinical experience as a CNA, Scribe and MA which will be closer to 2000 by this time next year. Volunteering is a little low at a projected amount of ~200...
  2. bouncydidit

    School list help 511/3.77 CA resident

    Would love feedback on my school list! I am a reapplicant and definitely feel like my poor school list cost me the cycle last time. I tried posting on Reddit but hoping to get better feedback here. I also have a strong public health and research background. Ideally, i would like to apply to 30...
  3. J

    I need advice on what I should do regarding this application cycle.

    My goal is to get accepted into a medical school in California, my home state. Here’s a little information about me; UC Davis undergrad, 3.90-3.95 GPA, 511 MCAT Good clinical experiences, no research experience My MCAT score ended up being a lot lower than I had hoped for. I think it took me...
  4. Melvillei

    BU vs OSU

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE Very grateful to be accepted to both schools but struggling to choose between them. BU was originally much more expensive, but I was offered enough financial aid to make total COA essentially even. Both would be far from home (California) and my eventual goal would be to...
  5. S

    Bay Area Locum market

    I work full time in a hospital in the Midwest however for family reasons I have to move to the Bay Area. I was considering locums for a starter for flexibility and to learn more about the area/market. I was wondering what would be the average rate and how to reach out to hospital groups (I would...
  6. W

    Open Positions for Physician Anesthesiologists in LA

    Exciting opportunity in the San Fernando Valley at a small community hospital in West Hills. Small private practice of only physician anesthesiologists, lifestyle-oriented practice. No trauma, no OB, no in-house call, minimal emergencies, 40% hospital, 60% surgery center-based, roughly 40...
  7. K

    California Medical License

    Hi everyone. I am a 3rd year DO resident at an ACGME residency program in NY. I will be starting at a fellowship program in California. Part of the requirement was to obtain a medical license prior to the start of fellowship in July. From my understanding, I have to apply through the Osteopathic...
  8. N

    California Psychology Licensure Question

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in years past, but the course landscape has changed here in California so I hope it's okay to revisit. Since JFK has closed, my understanding is that the only online course that meets requirements for the Substance Abuse Detection and Treatment...
  9. G

    Physican Anesthesia Group, Santa Monica, CA

    Open recruiting for full time position(s) in all physician mid-size anesthesiology group in Santa Monica, CA. Collegial rapport with surgeons and a lifestyle oriented practice with stable, team-oriented group that values mutual support. Rare opportunity to join a group that has historically...
  10. nn0401

    What are my chances? Should I increase my school list? (MD+DO) (3.3cGPA/503/CA/URM)

    Hey y'all! Thanks for clicking. I feel like a hail mary applicant with my stats.. What are my chances? Should I increase the number of schools I've applied to (both MD and DO) just to increase my probability of an acceptance? 1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA: 3.3...
  11. ginach

    Where should I apply? California resident 22AA/3.6 sGPA

    (Do let me know if there would be a better place to post this for more responses, lol) Hi, I'm a non traditional student planning to apply to this upcoming cycle. I graduated 4 years ago with a bachelors degree in psychology. I decided immediately after graduation that I wanted to pivot to...
  12. Leftpaw

    Got into UHCO - looking to work in CA in the future (CA native)

    Hello! To start, I recently got off the waiting list at UHCO and was sent an offer of acceptance from the institution. While I haven't formally accepted yet (the deadline hasn't expired), I am just elated at the opportunity the school has given me with this acceptance. That being said, I have...
  13. PeonyLeaf

    SoCal Anesthesia WAMC

    (Yes I'm aware there's a WAMC superthread. It hasn't been posted to in months) M3 from the Deep South. Definitely want to get out of the Southeast and have family friends in LA. Loved the area ever since I was a kid and want to go out there for my career. Step 1: 239 Clerkship grades: All...
  14. S

    Pls help me choose schools

    I know ppl might roast me about my stats being good but I have extreme anxiety due to no one believing in that I will get into med school besides like 3 friends (love them so much my support system) and I cry all the time about them lol. I am so anxious I am not competitive enough just because...
  15. F

    Applying to Out of State Internal Medicine Residencies

    MS3 here at a mid-tier MD school in the Midwest. I’ll be applying for Internal Medicine in the upcoming cycle. Average stats: Step 1 - 23x Clinical rotations - mostly high pass with 1-2 honors with excellent feedback on rotations Research - one first author publication, several poster...
  16. H

    PT research opportunities in CA

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to get into research but I am finding it difficult to get started. I have been looking on indeed and cragislist but so far no luck. Does anyone know a resource to find research opportunities?
  17. D

    CA --> NJ License Transfer

    Hello, I appreciate your help here I need to transfer my pharmacist license from CA --> NJ. I obtained by CA license last year through score transfer from Illinois. Basically, I applied for licensure in IL to get an ATT for NAPLEX then score transferred to CA. I did not take MPJE in IL to...
  18. D

    UCLA vs. Northwestern

    Help please! Which one should I pick! Love the vibe at NW and was super set on it until getting off the waitlist at UCLA. I am from the east coast so UCLA is FAR. Super torn still waiting to see if UCLA gives me any financial aid.
  19. D

    Coming back to CA for residency?

    Hey all, I'm a CA resident and I've been accepted to an established MD school on the east coast (Wake Forest) as well as a new CA MD school (CUSM.) I'm really leaning toward Wake Forest - I really like the city, the faculty, the fact that it's more established, everything about it. My only...
  20. T

    UC Davis Preference for own UGs?

    I have heard some rumors floating around that UC Davis's med school prefers their own undergraduates. I was wondering if this is true? I have searched around for proof or evidence to the contrary, but I've got nothing much, and MSAR doesn't have this info. I know for sure Davis heavily prefers...
  21. Itsnotludwigs

    Los Angeles GPRs - trying to compile a list!

    I'm trying to compile a complete list of all the match and non-match GPR programs in LA. Here are the programs I've found so far: 1) USC 2) UCLA 3) Harbor - UCLA Medical Center 4) VA Greater LA Health Care System 5) Veterans Admin Medical Center - Sepulveda 6) Rancho Los Amigos National...
  22. P

    UCR School of Medicine - Questions and Opinions

    Hello! For all those who have applied to UCR's medical school, what was your stats and experience like and if you have any advice to those who are future applicants to this school? I'm from Riverside, California went to Kinder all the way to college in Riverside, my family works in...
  23. MaximusGladius

    California Licensing

    Why is California so difficult? I have been accepted into a fellowship (current pgy3). The DO board is saying I won't get my Post Graduate training License in time (roughly 7 months away from start right now). And in order to apply for a full license I need 6+ months as others are currently...
  24. J

    Loyola Marymount PostBacc University

    Hey! I recently applied to Loyola Marymount Post Bacc in California. Has anyone heard back from the program? Has anyone matriculated? Any feedback on the program?
  25. H

    MD Applying to Cali Residency Program from OOS

    Hi there! First poster here but long time lurker. Do any of you have advice on applying for a California residency program as an out of state MD student? I understand that it may be challenging as I’m not a California resident (I’m located on the east coast with my long time girlfriend who...
  26. lifeofpaula

    *** The Official UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Good luck to everyone! Link to interview prep: University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! Last year's thread: *** The Official UCSF School of Dentistry Class of 2023...
  27. P

    Past DUI (2016) and residency (2023)

    I have been digging around and have found different answers online but my situation is this: I was convicted of a DUI in 2016 but was able to get into medical school regardless. I will be starting in Fall of 2019. I plan to have my record expunged next month and hope to one day practice in CA...
  28. E

    Jobs in San Diego area

    Hey, everyone, Looking for EM doc full time jobs in San Diego area. Spoke with Team Health who are saying the market is very tight here and they aren't currently looking to hire, not surprisingly. Just curious, does anyone know what the salaries are like here? I don't have any connections I...
  29. D

    DIY post bacc options in Los Angeles/Inland Empire area?

    Hello, long time lurker here! I am graduating from UCLA in a few weeks with a pretty sad sGPA (3.0), and I want to do a DIY post bacc to help boost my gpa! Does anybody have any experience doing a DIY post-bacc in the Los Angeles or Inland Empire area in California? I was looking at UCLA...
  30. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS 2019-2020 MOT Cycle

    Hello everyone, It may seem like a long time from now, but OTCAS applications will be opening up in less than two months. I'll be starting a thread for applicants to share their stats, questions, etc. with each other as a way to (hopefully) ease some of the anxiety that comes along with this...
  31. C

    Recertification needed for job?

    Hey all, I have been working at a VA in California for the last couple years. I am wondering if I will need to take a re-certification board exam in a few years. No one has said anything about boards, and I never received a contract with information about it being required to maintain...
  32. S

    UIWSOM vs Touro NY (Middletown)

    Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools; however, I'm having trouble deciding on where to go. Can anyone else provide some input besides what I have written below? I'm from Southern California, and I would ideally like to go back home for a competitive residency...
  33. B

    Best MCAT Prep Class

    I am looking for an in person prep class, specifically anywhere in California to help me prepare for the MCAT. Money is not an issue. I know people say that it is best to self study but I honestly am not the type of person who is good at self studying (people learn best at different ways and I...
  34. D

    Should I go to Touro-CA or take a gap year?

  35. J

    USC Keck vs. UCI

    I am really torn... I don't strongly prefer one over the other (hence the sparse list) so your thoughts and perspectives are extremely appreciated. USC Keck Pros More robust clinical experience/students are more prepared(?) bc of LAC+USC hospital Bigger network, USC connections and all that...
  36. S

    California Dental Schools Agreement

    Hello, I heard something today, and I want to make sure whether it's true. I've heard that if you're accepted to one of the dental schools in California and you're waitlisted in another one (that's in California as well), then the other school will take you out of the waitlist according to an...
  37. dggopal

    FCVS and California License for IMG

    I am trying to get my California medical license now that I am about to finish residency in Michigan and plan to start working in California on July 1. Getting the Michigan medical license was so easy but I have a few questions about the California license. 1)Does FCVS get a copy of all the...
  38. M

    Looking for roommates, Los Angeles, CA area

    Hi! I'm a psychology female graduate looking to return to the West Coast for internship, research assistance, and eventually more schooling starting March or August /September. I have also studied public health at the University of Missouri and in the PNW. Looking for those who want to share...
  39. dggopal

    Help with California licensing

    I am an international medical graduate who will be moving to california as a hospitalist. I have a permanent license in Michigan but am struggling to get my california license. After training in India, I fear that I may need to go back to my med school in person to get some of their requirements...
  40. Python Forever

    Will Leaving California Benefit Me, Or Will Adcoms See Through It?

    I'm a 23-year old ORM in California (graduated 2 months ago), and I'm looking to start a career change/transcript repair post-bacc in a few months after working for ~6 months. From what I read, it seems clear a CA ORM with relatively low stats = kiss of death. I had dinner with my mom last...