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Calculating Pre-req GPAs


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Jul 23, 2014
  1. Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
    So as the next application is slowly approaching, I'm becoming more nervous about my GPA calculations. Do y'all have a good system/formula I could use to calculate my GPA (pre-req/overall) based on PTCAs standards? I wanted to get a good idea before I started the application cycle. I've retaken some courses along the process and I'm not sure how that will make a difference. Also tried searching for a thread of similar inquiries, but could'nt really narrow it down. Thanks!


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    Mar 3, 2015
    1. Physical Therapy Student

      I used this site whenever I was calculating my pre-req GPAs. For PTCAS, they just average the classes you retake. Some people use Excel, but I'm not Excel-savvy enough to use it lol.

      I manually calculate the cumulative GPA. By adding the total number of quality points from each class together and dividing that number by the total number of credit hours.

      As a reminder, the quality point scale is

      A 4.0
      A- 3.7
      B+ 3.3
      B 3.0
      B- 2.7
      C+ 2.3
      C 2.0
      C- 1.7
      And so on so forth.


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      7+ Year Member
      Oct 5, 2010
      1. Physical Therapist
        Definitely a great idea to do this now! I figured mine out exactly before applying. Ptcas doesn't do anything tricky. It's everything (EVERYTHING) averaged together. Then it's your pre req classes averaged (all takes of any pre req class).


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        7+ Year Member
        Apr 22, 2013
        1. Physical Therapist
          PTCAS will calculate a wide variety of GPAs for you, all of which are either self-explanatory or described in the instructions/FAQ. It is all done based on what category you assign each class to. Your PTCAS pre-req GPA can and probably will vary (sometimes substantially) from the pre-req GPA you have at a given school. PTCAS generates a "core pre-requisite" GPA based on the one class you assign to each "core pre-requisite" designation. Essentially every PT school is going to require a year of A&P, a year of gen chem, a year of physics and a stats class. All require at least one psych class and the vast majority require 2. The variation will usually come from whether or not a school has a year of biology or ex. sci./kinesio as a pre-req, and if each school considers other things (eg. humanities, English, things you had to take to take to graduate college) to be pre-reqs, or if they just have an oddball class that most schools don't have (eg. nutrition, medical terminology, etc) as a pre-req.

          The easiest thing to do for yourself if to just put all your grades in a spreadsheet: column A is the class, column B is the grade, column C is the number of credits column D is the PTCAS value (eg. 4.0 for A+/A, 3.7 for A-, 3.3 for B+, etc), column E is C times D to get quality points. You then divide the sum of column E by the sum of column C and you've got your PTCAS cumulative GPA. Do the calculation by cherry-picking out the classes of interest (eg pre-reqs) to get any other desired GPAs.
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