Calculating science gpa with repeated courses

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Dec 21, 2016
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I was curious how to calculate my science gpa with repeated courses. For instance I have taken 36 hours worth of science classes (chemistry, physics, biology) and unfortunately some of those classes I have attempted multiple times. (Gen Chem 1 and microbiology). I was not as mature the first two times I took gen Chem 1 so I got an F the first time, a C the second time, and an A the third time. These attempts were each taken years apart so obviously I was more serious the third attempt. How does this calculate into my gpa though? Will those three attempts count towards my total hours?

So if I took gen Chem 1-2, o Chem 1-2, physics 1-2, bio 1-2, and microbiology, that would be a total of 36 hours. But since I took gen Chem 1 lecture three times (3 credit hours per lecture) and microbiology(4 credit hours per class) twice will that now make my science gpa 46 hours?

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