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California: Licensure by GPR or Retake Endo/Pros Portions of ADEX?


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7+ Year Member
Dec 24, 2013
  1. Dentist
Hello, I'm interested in moonlighting during GPR with Veterans Affairs 2020-2021 in CA (I'm new here). I graduated and passed all portions of ADEX. CA started accepting ADEX on 11/15/19. I took Endo/Pros portions of ADEX 10/26/19, meaning retake thereof is required for CA licensure.

Q: Is it worth ~$1,500 in fees to retake this portion, having paid ~$2,500 to take the full exam?

Pros of retake and immediate licensure:
  • Moonlight: Gain knowledge of real-world dental practice
  • Extra income (52 weeks x 1 day of $500 base pay = $25k)
  • Earlier licensure means less waiting (~2months?) for license application processing after residency (June 2021) = lost income

  • Happiness factor: Less time exploring CA with working Saturdays (extra income might mean more willingness to spend on Sundays :unsure:)

Thoughts, comments, questions welcome. Thank you.

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10+ Year Member
Mar 11, 2011
  1. Dentist
If you don’t have a regional exam passed, I’d take one, and pass it. You’ll be relieved to have the flexibility to pursue licensure in other states if you ever need to.

you’ll also get your license now, and not have to wait for licensure by credential when you graduate from your GPR. This may help you secure a job.
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