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Calling admissions office


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Jun 3, 2004
    ad infinitum said:
    Anybody else call an admissions office and feel like you sounded really stupid during the conversation? Anybody else have unrealistic paranoia that it will affect your chances of getting in? :scared:

    Yes to the first question.
    No to the second.

    Don't worry.


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    Jun 17, 2004
    1. Medical Student
      I called admissions and was able to convince them to meet with me. Unfortunately I had to re-schedule. I felt awful.

      Luckily they agreed to re-schedule and I got to talk with them and clarify my approach. They were very helpful. I really enjoyed talking with them. I did have my thoughts written out and my strategy solid. They were impressed by this. I figured brownie points wouldn't hurt either :) Though, I was just glad to get re-assurance from them, esp cuz of my non-trad approach.

      So - give them a call.

      Good Luck,
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      Jul 31, 2004
        Don't hesitate to call! Ask to speak to the Dean...having a one on one conversation will help him remember your name.
        Just ask your stance on the waitlist, your chances of getting in, and what you can do to improve your chances of matriculating.
        I did that two weeks ago and it had made a HUGE difference.


        Milk was a bad choice
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        Jul 5, 2004
        Sunny California
          You really have to be careful when calling - they tape every conversation, and when the medschool committee is reviewing apps, they cross reference the tapes to the applications. So just make sure you dont say your name or where you're from when you call, or you might find yourself up **** creek with a broken paddle :)
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