Can I be the sole PCP as a Nurse Practitioner in NY?

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Jan 19, 2021
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Hi all, just wondering if as an NP I could function as the sole PCP for a patient? Would this require gaining enough experience to then be able to function in a somewhat independent role as an NP? Thanks.

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What do you mean by function as the "sole PCP"? Do you mean practicing on your own without "any" collaboration with physicians or do you mean making your own independent clinical decisions and having your own panel of patients? If it's the former, that's not possible in NY because it is not among the states with full practice authority for NPs.

If you mean the latter, yes. For example, I have a supervising psychiatrist, but he doesn't tell me what to do nor would he constantly standing behind me reading my notes. I talk with him to go over cases and the more nuanced topics in psych meds. However, I have my own panel of patients for whom I am the sole mental health medication provider, and they don't see or talk to my supervising physician.

Hope that helps.