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can I go through this year?


New Member
Aug 19, 2010
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
    I was a pharmacist in Korea, graduated 2006.
    As many of you guys know, I have to take pharmD course all over again.

    but my Korean pharmacy school gpa is not good.
    It was around 3.0, but after evaluating at WES, it went lower. -_-;;

    Anyway, my prerequisites in US college is going very good,
    almost A and some B+.

    I have bacchelor's degree already, and prerequisites are done if I add my credits here and Korea,
    and I have many experiences as a oncology division pharmacist at one of a big pharma.
    I have volunteered various fields including pharmacy, too.

    I'm thinking applying some schools where they don't want PCAT test this year.

    If you guys were me, will you apply this year? or take some more prerequisites
    and take PCAT to show pharmacy schools my academic ability?

    what are my chances?


    7+ Year Member
    May 20, 2010
    1. Pharmacist
      By this year, do you mean admission into the class entering Fall 2011? Because most of the schools that don't require PCAT are in California and for most of those schools, the deadline to submit has passed. The only schools that I can think of is Touro University CA and Touro College NY. There might be a couple others, but not very many. Taking the PCAT is not to "show your academic ability", it's to fulfill a requirement by some schools and the point of taking the PCAT would be to give you the opportunity to not limit yourself and apply to more schools. If a school requires the PCAT, they won't look at your application if you don't take it.
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