Medical Can I turn down my MD acceptance to reapply?

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Feb 21, 2002
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I got into Drexel today but don’t know how I feel. I live in Washington so moving To the east coast was really more of a backup in my head than something that I thought would come to fruition. I am still waiting to hear from WSU, but I have a feeling at best it will be a waitlist cause I’ve been waiting 6 months.

So just to feel the waters, is it unheard of to turn down and MD and try again for schools closer to home/cheaper/easier to get a residency on the west coast from?
Congratulations on your acceptance! I have to question why you applied to that school in the first place if you had no intention of accepting this as there is really strong advice not to apply if you would not accept. Others will chime in, but I believe this is going to look bad on a reapplication as the question does come up explicitly with some schools.

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Yes, but it would be the most foolish thing you can do in your medical career.

Many secondaries ask if you have been accepted.

In attempting to explain why you turned down Drexel, your judgement and dedication would be seriously questioned.

Four years will go quickly. Go, and don't look back.
You literally just told us that moving to the east coast is more of a backup plan..... and you didn't receive any acceptances on the west coast, which is the point of a back up plan, which is good that you had it in the first place. Now you don't want your own back up plan?

Poor judgment to apply without intention, and furthermore to decline the offer when it is your only offer.
Besides, if you were to decline it and reapply to presumably the same schools you were hoping for.... what would you do in the year that would be so different that it would also overcome being asking why you declined an acceptance in the previous cycle.

You can also set up electives/aways back near home, and apply for residency in that area. 4th year anywhere is mostly traveling for interviews as it is. You're only looking at a solid 3 years (minus a summer off) where you'd have to live on the east coast. Trying to look at the bright side here.
Take the offer. You applied knowing it was your contingency in case all else didn't work out. Well it didn't. It could work out if you wind up being waitlisted at WSU. It could wind up being a rejection. You want to still be in limbo or you want the confidence knowing you will be able to go to medical school?
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