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Dec 1, 2015
Hey guys

I'm a Canadian citizen who immigrated to the US for high school and have been here since 2007. Since then, I have gotten my B.A. in Molecular Immunology from Berkeley and applied to medical school in the states in their 2017 cycle. Unfortunately I got rejected from all the schools i applied to; I think mainly because my school list sucked, and my MCAT wasnt the greatest ( I got a 30 - 9v,10p,11b). I am currently studying to retake the MCAT and doing extra stuff to beef up my application.

I was thinking of applying to Canadian schools, but I'm not sure how I would be viewed since I essentially spent my whole academic life in the states. I dont want to apply if I will just be compared as an international student. What do you guys think?

Here is the breakdown of my 2017 application

old mcat: 30

AMCAS - cGPA: 3.7, not many non-science classes. i was a transfer student, graduated in MCB with honors from Berkeley (with honors thesis)

~1 year in evolutionary biology lab with PI (studying beetles) w/ paper published this year

~1.5 years in a cancer biology lab with Post-doc (did my honors thesis in this lab).

~600+ hours in ED (but no LoR due to hospital policy) my main job was to interact with patients (relay messages, make food for them, help them to the restroom, talk to them, etc) and clean gurneys and prepare rooms. but it was also informal shadowing, I could follow doctors and nurses whenever it was appropriate.
~120 hours doing medical outreach
~100 hours doing science education outreach for minorities (SACNAS)

~240 hours working as a math tutor in community college
~1 year as a cashier while going to school to support myself
~6 months in biotech for a company - decided to leave to do terrible commute conditions

1 LoR from CC professor (taught biology, got an A)
1 joint LoR from Berkeley professor and grad student (taught immunology, got an A in 2 classes)
1 joint LoR from cancer bio PI and Postdoc (i dont have much faith in this letter since the lab was falling apart)
1 LoR from evolutionary biology PI (im confident about this letter)
1 LoR from medical outreach supervisor

currently working as a lab manager for a lab but am turning to medical scribe work for some paid clinical experience
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